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How I began to love cinema!


Patrizia Fregonese de Filippo - Virtual Studio and La Tribù dell’Arte


Patrizia Fregonese de Filippo was born in Rome, Italy, where she currently lives in Trastevere. Her passion for theatre, cinema, and writing began at a young age when she was greatly influenced by the comedies of George Bernard Shaw and Pirandello that she found in her family’s library. Growing up, she enjoyed writing short, funny poems with her grandmother. In high school, one of her favorite teacher was a woman, a film critic, and theologian who took Patrizia and her classmates to see many feature films. Among these films was Last Tango in Paris by Bernardo Bertolucci, before the film was banned and burnt by Censorship , the Official Organism in Italy that decides if a movie is suitable only for adults or not. That teacher became a source of inspiration for Patrizia and motivated her to attend the first film club opening in Rome. The Cine-club was in Sala Bellarmino, a church near Piazza Ungheria. There, she discovered cult movies such as The Cannibals by Liliana Cavani (1970), The Strawberry Statement by Stuart Hagman , and Le Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie by Louis Bunuel (1972).

This early passion for cinema never left her. She began pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Law at Rome University, but soon left the program because she felt the need to be independent and travel the world. Soon after, she worked as a flight attendant for an Italian airline. Changing her path yet again, Patrizia earned a master’s degree in Creative Writing, Marketing and Communication and entered A.N.A.C, ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE AUTORI CINEMATOGRAFICI , born after the second world war, that always struggled for the rights of authors and directors, in Italy; there she met Leo Benvenuti, a second Master of inspiration for her.

She loves stories focussed on social realistic themes, on human and civil rights especially on women in ordinary and extraordinary troubles, as human and civil rights, nevertheless she loves also strange and surreal comedies with a sharp-eyed and sarcastic side , because life is often much more surreal than cinema. She did also fantasy-horror like her first short film S-vamp-ink, or social denounce as in the documentary Feed the peace.

In 2001, talking with her husband, a musician and a composer, Tiziano Novelli, Patrizia told him an old idea for a short. He became so enamored with this idea that he insisted on auto-producing and directing it together. So, she and Tiziano co-directed S-vamp-ink, her first short film, which was later bought by Short-Village and was the most viewed on the web in 2003 in Italy. She went on to produce many other works independently: videoclips, shorts, and short documentaries.

Patrizia is currently working on a documentary about the story of her grandfather, Eduardo de Filippo alias Eduardo Passarelli, a forgotten actor, and an author in the Italian cinema and theatre, born in the italian well-known Scarpetta family. Further to the great Eduardo, there was another Eduardo, namesake of the most famous half-brother, born from Eduardo Scarpetta and Anna de Filippo, Rosa’s sister, the official wife of Eduardo Scarpetta. He joined theatre very young as all his brothers, but then he escaped the trio composed by Eduardo, Titina and Peppino and changed his name to Passarelli, not to be confused with the most famous one and so, all alone, he crossed 50 years of Italian cinema and theatre. working with Rossellini (Roma città aperta), Luchino Visconti (Rocco e i suoi fratelli) Nanni Loy, (Le quattro giornate di Milano) , Steno and Monicelli (Totò e i re di Roma), Zeffirelli in theatre and many many others. Born in Naples in 1903 and died in 1968, he began to have success, especially when working with Totò, acting and writing plays such as the famous La Cambiale.

Some of her short poems have been published in a collection called “Contemporary Poets” by Pagine.














2015 - BLOOD


FILMOGRAPHY as assistant director

1996 - Kraonos - Lino Damiani

1997 - L’ultimo Mundial -Tonino Zangardi

1998 - Un bacio importante - Rinaldo Romani

2003 - Macbeth - Romano Talevi



2004-2003 a modern key to Macbeth by Shakespeare, where she was also Assistant Director – Metateatro, Rome and Teatro stabile in Formello - TITLE WAS “A DINNER WITH MACBETH”

2006– Short Comedy – Happy New Year – writer and director ASS. ITAL.THEATRICAL

2007 - Teatro dell’Orologio – Come and go by Thomas Beckett – Assistant Director

2008 - Teatro dell’Orologio – Catastrophe by Thomas Beckett - Director



Awards and Nominations


2013 Special mention Bookciack short film festival, Venice Author’s Days, for “…And blood will come dancing…” (Verrà cantando il sangue) based on the book by Vittorio del Tufo. Subject script and direction.

2011 Babel Tv Award for the documentary “FEED THE PEACE”. Concept , screenplay and co-direction

2011 Best videoclip - “CARGO” music by Tiziano Novelli at IMAFESTIVAL in Milan and Los Angeles – concept script and direction

2007 Best Film for Peace - at FILM FOR PEACE FILM FESTIVAL Award - FEED THE PEACE – a documentary on the story of two cooks between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv,


2003 - BLUE, nominated for Best Italian Videoclip at the Italian Best Videoclip Festival.

Her latest work, a sequel and a prequel of “Blood will Come Chanting”, entitled BLOOD, will be a participant in the Saturno Film Festival. Shot in July 2014, and then in 2015 this will be a longer version and an experimental work in progress that will differ every time it is projected. Her re-editing and adding scenes will produce two pilot series which will become a fantasy-horror web series.